Things You Should Never Do While Mixing
By Karl Winkler on 05/17/2010

Live Sound Mixing

Top 7 tips to learn and live by when you are behind the mixing console at a live show.
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7. Just because you’ve been doing something “this way for 20 years” doesn’t make it the right way or even a good way.

True, maybe no one is complaining, and you’re getting hired plenty, so who’s the real expert here? Hopefully we can all stand to learn new things and do a better job. It’s my experience that many of us are still a bit shy on some of the fundamentals. Know your signal flow? How about proper gain structure? The theory of formants and how they affect your mix?

Maybe you can answer “yes” to the first two, but how about that last one? Ever wonder how some shows sound terrific, but you can’t put your finger on why that is? There’s always a “why,” and we can all benefit from learning the “what” behind the “why” more often.

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